“I wanted to tell you how delighted we are with Isabella and Ferdinand. Spanish is my first language, and my husband and I vowed that we would raise our children in a bilingual household, which we are doing. We were struggling, however, to find a bilingual program to support our 3-year-old’s burgeoning language capacity and were so happy to have found your program. Lucas just loves it! He felt immediately comfortable with the setting and the teachers, and comes home singing the songs he’s learned–totalmente en Español, por supuesto! Isabella & Ferdinand’s focus on the cultural aspect of learning a language is truly what sets it apart from other language programs. Thank you for being there when we needed you!” 

-Jessica Springsteen, Parent

“Isabella & Ferdinand has proven to be a wonderful cultural and linguistic experience for my children. The program is terrific for children with and without a Spanish-language background, and expands a child’s world through cultural activities—both in the classroom, as well as the many organized activities outside the classroom!” 

- Saskia Rothrock, Parent

“The Spanish immersion classes at Isabella & Ferdinand are enjoyable, entertaining and culturally educational. In addition to learning another language at a young age, the program provides for a challenging yet fun environment to grow and learn. We especially love how you incorporate the extracurricular cultural activities with the learning of the language. The overall energy and dedication you bring to program is amazing.”

- Nina Boggs, Parent


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